Chainsaw Maddnes at the Golffield


-EN/USA- Last we had a Chainsaw Class. First we had 2 days theory, sharpening the chain and other maintenance  The next 3 days we did go saw on a golf field in Sint Nyk. 3 days to learn how to ‘kill’ a tree. I cut even 7 big threes and a lot of small ones. And on the last day we had lunch in the restaurant of the golf field  In this week we learned a lot.. Now it’s just getting practical experience.

-NL- Laatst hadden we een kettingzaagcursus. Eerst hadden we 2 dagen theorie, ketting slijpen en ander onderhoud. De volgende 3 dagen zijn we op een golfbaan in Sint Nyk gaan zagen.  3 dagen om te leren hoe je een boom omzaagt. Ik heb toen 7 grote en heel veel kleine boompje omgezaag. En als extraatje hadden we op de laatste dag lunch in het restaurant van de golfbaan. Ik heb deze week veel geleerd.. Nu het nog in de praktijk leren.

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Floriade, Last part


This sunday I went to floriade again. To see the last part of the expo. I had been there earlier this year but this expo is so big, that you cannot see everyting in one day. It’s a 66acers park with 44acers gardens. Some places are very commercial(the world stage), but there were also a few very beautiful gardens and creations like as what the ©Willowman had build. This man build a small village with sleeping place, animal shelters and more from willow. Thats why he is called the ©Willowman. Also I’ve seen a lot of new and nice ideas for in the garden. I made that day also a lot of film and photo’s. With that material I am going to make a little film about the floriade for a school project. When it’s finnished i share it with you.