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Who am I?

Well, I was born in 1995 in a hospital in Groningen. Raised in Wâlterswâld, with lots of outdoor play and learning. I love mainly of nature, health and sports as well as music and movies. It’s always wonderful to be outside but also delicious than when the weather to be in progress.

From nursery school to basisischool the Wynroas on to vocational schools AOC Friesland Buitenpost where I did a Mixed / Theoretical diploma and then took the training Garden, Park and Landscape on the Nordwin College with two placements in the UK and a project in China. In those years I learned a lot, although some things now are forgotten.

There are more projects and ideas in the planning and that is why I created this website. But that’s how I started. Through my cousin, I started a website where I could show my pictures. Eventually I myself went to research and I have made a WordPress website, photographersiewart.nl. When I was on stage went to England in 2013, I started keeping a blog on siewartwiersma.wordpress.com. Because it pleased me to inform this way friends and family from all over the world from my doings I bought the domain name with hosting siewartwiersma.nl. Since then on, I here things I do and I try to regularly post some of what I have experience or do. I also got the photography website gevoeg together in this, the old removed and also made a video page.

Through the menu of projects you can find pages per project, and information about the projects and about future projects and adventures. You can also enroll in the sidebar so that you get an email when I posted a new post again.


“I do not know here I am going, but I am on my way” – Carl Sagan

There are many things that keep me busy and that I take my time indeel. Below are some highlighted with the link to the related information.


“In a garden you find, quiet thoughts That calm the mind” – Patience Strong

Outside working in the yard. At home I have before I training Garden, Park and Landscape level 4 began the backyard refurbished.


“Sports are my stress relief” – Siewart

Speed Skating since I do about my 6th. Usually with my vaderSiewart Sjoerd Wiersma Marathon 02/09/2014 (61) as it was natural ice. When we went ice skating with school I actually got a taste and really wanted to be in class. So I started on my 11th, including skating .. Read the rest and more about my sport at http://schaatsen.siewartwiersma.nl/


“Capturing the moment, so you can always watch it back” – Siewart

When I am not busy with sports, I am not silent. I have different hobbies such as Photography & Videography, where spend the most time on next sport.

From elementary school I became interested in photography. I then got on my birthday a Sony Cybershot DSC-W110 gift. Since February 2010 I got my first SLR. My father and mother had an old canon 1000f with lenses, so we were still looking for a body in there. This was a Canon EOS 40d. From then I really started shooting. Now I own a Canon EOS 7d purchased and I’m proud. The 40D was mainly used by my mother, but sometimes I find it helpful to have two body with different lenses because you can swap faster.

Since I have the Canon EOS 7d I make more and more films. Before that I also made movies with the camera of my father, but since I’ve got a camera that can film me to do it more often. The movies can be viewed on Youtube. I also have a Hero3 Black Edition GoPro Action Camera. That is a very good little camera that I like I biking or skating can do on my helmet. Further, can I put that camera in more places for cool shots. So I make sometimes a video of mountain biking or short track. If I make another movie again I put it on my blog.

Now the 40d has been sold and there came a 60d in its place. It can also shoot and become widely used as a 2nd camera. The GoPro Hero3 is replaced by a Hero4 after it was stolen during a project in China.

Go to photography.siewartwiersma.nl to view my pictures and to videography.siewartwiersma.nl to watch my videos.


If I’m not all that bored me too busy yet, so I’m always trying to make something, establishment, improvement or change.

So I’m indoors different things again remolding. Many carpet will be replaced by laminate because it is healthier. The wallpaper will be replaced by suitable wallpaper with the laminate. And the rooms are refurnished, new features or just new furniture. Well new, it’s almost all 2nd hand in the laminate and the wallpaper after.

I, too, make equipment and tools for my photography / videography, but also other things that to me seem nice.

Even I am sometimes concerned with target shooting at our house with the Rifle or Bow and Arrow. There is a lovely 25m private shooting range created where we can properly use our rifles. All different goals, from cans to motorized moving targets.


“A smile once a day, makes life much happier” – Siewart

Something else I keep busy especially in recent years is health and nutrition. I came in contact with there actually when I had to write a paper for biology in the 3rd year of the VMBO. The piece I did about sports and nutrition. I then read several books on nutrition, what is it, when you eat something, how do you do it with sports, but mostly what’s inside. Home was gradually reversed the diet. For sports pasta or other carbohydrate-rich foods for energy, and then one day off a diet full of protein for recovery. But that was not even cookies and other sweets were left increasingly. About halfway through the MBO (4year) I learned more about what was in food. Besides the E numbers I learned that even more could sit hidden in food. Since then I eat at no products with added sugar or highly processed food. We also have a home vegetable garden where more and more products are produced and there are plans to build an herb garden and keeping honey bees. Also chickens coming home again for the delicious eggs. Already packed apples on the trees, but other fruit trees are also welcome.


If you want to follow me with all these hobbies and learning moments then follow me through you to enroll in the sidebar to ‘subscribe to blog.


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